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Hair Extensions in Fresno, CA

I utilize many different hair styling techniques to transform hair from a mere component of your look to a standout feature of your appearance. I specialize in hair extensions, hair coloring, blowouts and beauty improvements. Other hair services include shampooing, blow-drying and Keratin conditioning treatments.

Style Couture Hair Styling - hair extensions in Fresno, CA
I can apply hair extensions using two techniques:

  • The Fusion technique—This is the preferred method as it's long-lasting and natural-looking, and it blends perfectly with your natural hair. With skilled application and proper care, it lasts between three and six months. I can do your full head or just a partial install.

  • The Tape-in technique—For the full head or a partial install, this technique uses tape-in extensions and tape wefts to the scalp, a great alternative to clip-ins.
Style Couture Hair Styling - hair extensions in Fresno, CA

I can also remove hair extensions when needed.

I perform hair coloring services including color applications, highlighting and lowlighting. I perform hair coloring using the Balayage technique, a French free hand color application technique in which color is applied by hand, versus with a traditional cap or foil. This helps when hair grows out as it's less noticeable than the other techniques.

I can do hair for special occasions, including bridal parties.

Call me if there's a special hair service or technique you require; chances are that we can accommodate you.